Parenting Teenagers Course

The Parenting Teenagers Course is for every type of family structure including: parents that are Married, Single-parents, cohabitation families, Stepfamilies, Blended-families, Co-parenting families, nuclear families and extended families.

In over five sessions (or ten shorter ones), you will discover practical tools to help you:

  • Keep your long-term aim in mind.
  • Meet your teenagers’ needs.
  • Set effective boundaries.
  • Understand and develop your teenagers’ emotional health.
  • Pass on values that will increase their ability to make good choices

Each session begins with a meal and drinks followed by  talks that are practical, informative and fun. The talks are mostly live or watched on DVD. They include clips of parents and teenagers sharing their own experiences, street interviews and advice from parenting experts.

Small groups based on the age of your oldest child are formed to encourage discussions  around challenges faced. This way, parents share long-term strategies that can help resolve those challenges in their various groups.

Every part of the course is optional, including contributing to the small group discussions.

Visit Relationship Central for more information about this course.