Operation Christmas Child

Thanks to all that participated in this great time of giving. The Operation Christmas Child gives hope to not only the receivers of the gifts but, the givers who bless them with the gifts. Over the years, many lives have changed by these generous hearts that bless them. Each year, the Rhenish Church receives many boxes from the community filled with love, laughter, faith and grace that changes people’s lives. This year alone, the Rhenish Church received over 500 boxes within the hour. Helping us support different communities in Canada and overseas through the Samaritans purse is a great delight and we appreciate your help. Thank you for this wonderful journey of bringing hope to others.

“Bringing Good News and Great Joy to children who are hurting is what we all want, and we thank you for caring enough to transform lives through Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. You are a blessing to children who may have never received a gift during their entire life.” –  The Samaritan’s Purse