Marriage Preparation Course

The Marriage Preparation Course is for engaged couples as well as couples who have been living together and want to develop a strong foundation for a lasting marriage and relationship. At our meetings, you and your fiancé will spend time together learning important skills that will enable your marriage to work. We will help you address issues regarding:

  • The Importance of Commitment.
  • How to Recognize and Appreciate Your Differences.
  • The Art of Communication.
  • Resolving Conflicts.
  • Spending Time Together.
  • Nurturing Your Friendship.
  • Making Each Other Feel Loved
  • Developing a Good Sexual Relationship.
  • The Importance of Talking About Your Goals, Dreams and Values

What is Involved?

Our meetings are held in the evening at 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. It includes:

  1. A Meal: we sit together with two other engaged couples and a married couple known as a “support couple” who are considered the hosts for the course. This encourages each couple to get to know each other. At no time during this course will you have to disclose anything personal to anyone.
  2. Talk and Discussion: each evening, a live talk is giving or a video is watched. During the video session, opportunity is giving to you and your fiancé to talk through the issues raised as a couple.
  3. Homework: at the end of each session, you are giving a team homework. This will help you build on what you have learnt while giving you the opportunity to apply it to your relationship. This is confidential and would not be marked.

FOCCUS Questionnaire

Before the course starts, you will be asked to complete an optional questionnaire called FOCCUS. This questionnaire is very useful to couples. It asks about different aspects of your relationship then; the information is used as a tool to help highlight any important topics that you and your fiancé would benefit from. It paves way for couples to discuss important issues before marriage.

Support Couples

Since building relationships are important to help us grow, the Marriage Preparation course will introduce you to an optional opportunity to meet a support couple on the first evening. This couple will be already married for at least two years. Like a sponsor, they will invite you to their home for a meal. There, you will have the chance to talk through any concerns related to the course or questionnaire. This has been a greatly appreciate session by many couples.

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Although the Marriage Preparation course is free to all couples, we accepts free-will contributions for meals and materials used.