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9月22日(星期六) 上午10時至下午4時      

William Grant House and Rhenish Lutheran Church


慶祝第二期擴建施工和教會成立34週年, 加拿大華人基督教禮賢會(加拿大福音信義會會員堂)正在邀請您參觀教堂和毗鄰歷史悠久的William Grant House。兩者都位於2667 Bur Oak Ave. 在Bur Oak和第16大街的拐角處。我們的主題將集中在威廉格蘭特之家的歷史與遺產以及加拿大華人文化與生活。

 教會於2009年竣工。格蘭特之家,與教堂有關的各種用途,最初是作為農場c.1884建成的。 作為教堂建築項目的一部分,教會采用切塊石塊和卓越灰泥精心修復了格蘭特之家 (William Grant House)。

 活動:慶祝中秋節, 參觀者將在格蘭特之家門廊享用中式點心,中秋美食和音樂,一小時導遊參觀,古董, 兒童藝術展,草坪上的攤位遊戲和家庭活動等等。還邀請參觀者參觀同一地點的教堂,了解禮賢會教堂多家匯的社區外展活動。

#驚喜比賽 – 如果您根據我們的指示,找到並訪問附近的其他開放日的位置,將贏得獎品。


Saturday, September 22, 2018

 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

William Grant House and Rhenish Lutheran Church

(Open Day)

 In celebrating the Phase 2 Building Project construction and 34th Anniversary of the church, the Rhenish Lutheran Church is inviting you to visit the church and adjoining historic William Grant House. Both are located at 2667 Bur Oak Ave. at the corner of Bur Oak and 16th Avenues. Our theme will focus on both History & Heritage of William Grant House and Canadian Chinese Culture & Livelihood.  

The church was completed in 2009. The Grant House, serving a variety of uses in connection with the church, was originally built as a farmhouse c.1884. Its remarkable stucco finish, resembling cut stone blocks, was carefully restored as part of the church building project.

Activities: Celebration of Mid-Autumn festival, visitors will enjoy Chinese Dim Sum, Mid-Autumn snack and music on the porch of the Grant House, guided tours of the facilities, antique, children art exhibition, game booths on the lawn, and family activities . Visitors are also invited to visit the church on the same site to learn about the Community Outreach of the Dorcas Centre in Rhenish church.

#Amazing Race – win the prize if you find and visit other nearby open door locations according to our instruction.