Summer Camp

Our summer camp is a well-rounded summer program, aiming to nurture children’s physical, emotional, social and academic needs all summer long. We provide enriching experiences to   children between the ages of four through eleven and children 12 and older are enrolled in the Leader in Training Program. Camp is hosted to encourage children to stay active and be a part of a team. These skills are important to build relationships and friendships from a young age. Children who participate in our camp programs leave happy and are willing to come in for the next day. Parents who have enrolled their children in our summer camp programs are fulfilled and happy with the team of volunteers and workers who see to the safety and interests of their children.

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Some activities hosted in the past include:

  1. Engineering Camp: Children learn how to fix and build structures, design their own products and are encouraged to DIY their projects outside the Camp facilities. We invite people in the industry to teach the children valuable skills that can boost their interest in the fields of engineering. Some of the topics introduced include  Aerospace engineering, Civil engineering, Architecture, etcetera.
  2. Art Camp: Children are given the chance to show their artistic skills by engaging in fun activities such as drama, music, puppet making, writing, dancing, drawing and colouring.
  3. Bible Camp: Important character traits such as love, honesty and compassion are highlighted through different Bible stories and fun activities. Most important of all, children learned that God loves them and they are all precious in HIs sight!
  4. Emotional Health (EQ) Camp: Children explored their feelings and emotions through fun and hands-on activities. They learned practical ways to express their various emotions in positive ways. We wrapped up our camp with a great celebration with parents to bring home all their learning.
  5. Back-to-school Camp: Before school resumes in the fall, our final days at camp focused on helping the children get back in the school mood. We encouraged both parents and children to bring along workbooks to allow our team of volunteers and staff to have exclusive one-on-one interactions with the children.

Some of our interesting camp weeks included Soccer and Multi-sport camps, French camp, Food & Nutrition camp and many more.

On top of our wide range of programs, we invite special guests to come on site or organize field trips to make the camp experience even more exciting!  To name a few, we visited York University’s Observatory, Treetop Trekking, a dance instructor, Phil the Magician, a Toronto Zoo representative, a representation from the Royal Ontario Museum, and many more.

As our team bonds with the children during camp days, parents see improvements in their children’s behaviour and interactions with others. We will be happy to be a part of your child’s learning process and active building experience. Registration Starts Soon!

For other camp day activities such as athletic camp, visit the Rhenish Church March Break Camps to Sign up today for full or half day sessions.