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It is that time of the year where we are all excited for the coming season. Let us be the first to announce that our Annual Summer Camp is up and running again this year. 

Register your children today by filling out this Registration Form to enroll them at our fun and adventurous 8- week camp program starting July 2018.

It is a pleasure to serve you each summer to provide new and fun ways of learning about your strengths and developing your skills within the community. This year, we have many new programs and opportunities that are exciting and prepped just for your children. 

This year, we are taking it a step forward to invite the community, especially students, to participate in this life changing experience. To be involved with this Sunshine Summer Adventure, click here to fill out the Volunteer Staff Application. All forms need to be filled thoroughly and sent by email:

Attached files should be labeled as such under the subject line. For more information contact us to inquire about Summer Camp activities and more.