Parenting For Children

二零一八年七月八日 至 八月五日, 星期日
地點:2667 Bur Oak Ave., Markham


 This course is for parents/caregivers/guardians with children 10 years or below who are trying to find a parenting style that works for their children. We understand that parenting today takes a diverse approach and we are ready to equip you with effective ways to support you and your child physically, emotionally, mentally and intellectually. Taking Care of the family and producing a fruitful lifestyle within the family can undergo great pressure. Sometimes, discovering you are not alone makes a huge difference. Join us for a five-weekly session to unwrap practical tools to help you achieve happiness today.

We will help you:

  1. Build a strong family which is centered in love.
  2. Meet your children’s needs.
  3. Set effective boundaries.
  4. Produce a healthy relationship.
  5. Pass down important values to your children.

Although every part of this course is optional, we encourage parents/caregivers/guardians with children of the same age (based on the oldest child), to participate in small group encounters, discussions and contributions. This allows parents/caregivers/guardians to meet each other and feel free to interact due to some commonalities that exist.

 Visit Relationship Central for more information about this course.