Dorcas Centre

Serving the Community and Transforming Life

熱心服侍社區, 締造豐盛生命

The Dorcas Centre is a Christian faith based community Centre, where provide outreach programs that helps individuals to spread the word of God while keeping in touch with the community and its needs. Our recent program which is hosted by the Dorcas Centre includes the Senior Immigration and Integration Workshop. This sees to the needs of new immigrants and seniors in Canada to help them adjust to the Canadian community and what it offers.

Being at the heart of the community, it is our mission to provide quality community-based functions that would include various programs and activities to enhance the already existing bond shared between the church family and the community we live in. The Dorcas Centre as an organization encourages the community to develop and participate in new programs and strengthen already existing programs to cater to the needs of individuals in the community including children. With the help of the Phase 2 Building (the Rhenish Dorcas Centre Community Centre (Gymnasium)), a safe space will be enforced allow individuals and families to create memories and build healthy relationships.

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Vision Sharing & Fundraising Banquet

多家匯社區中心 異象分享 籌款晚宴

6:00 pm Saturday, September 8, 2018

2018 年9月8日 星期六 下午六時正

新旺角中心 帝豪名宴  NKS Banquet Hall

8360 Kennedy Rd, Unionville


嘉賓  李思韻                          Guest Speaker: Isa Lee

前新時代電視新聞主播 Former News Anchor/Fairchild Media

前多華會行政總監            Former Executive Director

                      The Cross-Cultural Community Services Association

嘉賓司儀  駱曦                                         Guest Emcee: Edwin Lok

加拿大中文電台DJ                                Fairchild Radio Toronto

「陽光早晨」節目主持人                  Program Host

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