Last Updated on May 8, 2022 by Esther Au

In light of government regulation and synod guidelines, we have revsed our Health and Safety guidelines for in person worship and ministries. Board adopted the following Health & Safety guidelines for in person worship & ministries.

  • Maintain the sanitizing protocol throughout the church and throughout the week
  • Starting April 1
    • Remove sneeze guards (except one section) from the pews in worship place. Keep the sneeze guards on the platform.
    • Remove 2m social distancing requirement among the pews, except the sneeze guard
    • Remove screening requirement or seat assignment for worship
    • Maintain mask wearing inside the church building for all RCC programs. Renters have the option to choose.
  • Starting in May
    • During worship, worship leaders on the platform may (option) remove mask during ministry
  • Starting June 1, if government maintain the lifting of ALL COVID measures,
    • all sneeze guard will be removed.
    • Masks will become optional for all who enter the property at all time