Season of Bonding & Rooting 深秋心交:與主連結,肢體深交

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Season of Bonding & Rooting 深秋心交:與主連結,肢體深交

As we enter the Fall season, online ministries will be transformed into connection ministries (in person if possible). This is a “Season of Bonding & Rooting

We will take this time to deepen the relationships among one another, renewing ones’ discipleship, and revitalized together for the adventures ahead @RCC, @home, @work.

All groups have met in-person through hiking, over a meal, fun time, or fellowship.

Board, CCC, ECC, Dorcas and other ministry committees have meet to reflect on: discovering about congregation’s ministry; opportunities; connection; missional approach changed; new needs; God’s push

This season will begin with NCD on Sept 27 and peak with resuming in person worship on Nov 1, 2020.

隨著我們進入秋季,線上事工將更新變化為(實體)建立深層聯繫 ,「深秋心交:與主連結,肢體深交 」。